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Bowling bowling with youth | -- youth bowling training just unfolding youth - Youth Bowling bowling with training is just unfolding 2017-02-07 Du Jie Chinese sports newspaper The youth of has a vigorous and energetic youth, while more children have a longer and more vigorous vitality. in recent years, the small ball sports management center of the State Sports Administration and the Chinese Bowling Association have paid special attention to the training and promotion of youth. Since the 2015 launch of the National Youth Summer Camp bowling, more and more of the bowling alley joined the summer camp team, a total of more than 30 hall more than 2000 young people in the camp and training, and the emergence of a number of promising future star bowling. in 2017, the National Sports Administration Center for small ball games and the China Bowling Association cheap nfl jerseys free shipping continued to strengthen the training of young people. At the beginning of the new year that launched the first National Youth Championship Bowling Tournament and the national bowling winter camp, on the one hand, let more children enjoy and participate in bowling, on the other hand, the children's holiday because of the winter camp and become out of the ordinary. from January 20th to 25th, the first National Youth Championship Bowling Tournament and the national winter camp held in Xiamen Xingguan bowling alley. The 40 contestants are under the age of 18, from Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Fujian and other places. 6 days of rich and rich, children get from China's Taipei, China's Macao excellent coach training teaching. From China Taipei coach He Xinyi over the age of 60, has rich experience in teaching young people. He recognized the teenage players very much, saying they were very polite and very latent. "Taiwan has a high level of bowling, and many players have won the world champion. The hope of Ho coach's trip to Xiamen will not only promote the cross-strait cultural exchanges, but also find some good reserve talents for us. Wang Zibin, vice president of the Xiamen Bowling Association, said. Chen Juntan and his mother from Shenyang are the first students to arrive in Xiamen. After several days of training, their mother excitedly said, "the children are so happy that they can play with so many children from all over the country, but they are also happy. As a parent, we are sure to train our children to play. " , from Shandong, is only 15 years old and won the runner up in a group under 18 years of age, a rising star. His coach Wu Bing said: "Ma sanwin since 2015 to participate in the summer camp when he began to play, about 1.7 meters tall, now has more than 1.8 meters, is continuously growing, the ball also play better. I brought out 5 children this time, and there were more than 20 in my family, all in the two years, taking part in the summer camp and sticking to the training.According to the NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the cowboy quarterback Karen Moore released (Kellen Moore). means that Cowboys will only leave two quarterback on the list, Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush Cooper Cooper. Moore has long been popular with attack coordinator Scott Scott Linehan, but Rush did better in pre-season, and he also managed to keep himself in the squad. In the Moore's pre - season, 59 passes were completed 32 times, 392 yards, 1, 1, and 73.6. Rush finished the 51 pass 38 times, got 398 yards, 6, did not be cut, and the pass score was 135.9.The official website of NFL | packers defensive tackle ancient En will be suspended for 3 games | football Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Lloyd Wright (Letroy Guion) - the ancient en would be absent for 3 weeks of regular season. Local time Thursday, the League announced Guyiangyin in violation of the relevant regulations of drugs will be fined 3 match suspension. The 28 year old defensive cut-off was arrested in February of this year for holding marijuana. is not surprising, the packers and the side of the team, have not yet made a clear statement. Last season, the ancient en amazing performance, with 3.5 sacks, a team player rotation. At present, packers defensive attack left in trouble, in addition to the ancient AEON, former first round pick Jones Datong (Datone Jones) for the same reasons were suspended for a game.

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