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The official website of NFL |49 will be hired as defensive coordinator Manjini | Rugby According to the official website of NFL reporter at the local time Thursday's report, 49 people in San Francisco will hire Eric Manjini (Eric Mangini) as the team's new defensive coordinator. This season, Manjini is tight end coach team, the transfer of work as the defensive team, with a period of 3 years for his new testament. Manjini had previously, and Oakland Raiders had contact with 49 people to prevent poaching, decided to finalize the contract as soon as possible. The all-around talented person who had been the head coach of the New York jets and the Oakland Raiders had excellent guidance at both ends of the attack and defence. He also had Biliqieke Bill (Bill Belichick) had served as the defensive coordinator experience. According to the , the 49 will continue to use the 3-4 defensive formation. With Alton Smith (Aldon Smith), Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis), Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) and Anthony Becia (Antonie Bethea) will all return in the next season, the defense of 49 people still retains strong competitiveness. The team hopes to return to the playoffs in the new season after the remolding of the coaching team.Nye - Robinson (Khiry Robinson) ended the season. The New Orleans saints manager Sean Payton (Sean Payton) announced on Monday that the runner received a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fibula operation on Sunday night to treat bone. Robinson was injured in the second quarter of the team's 52-49 victory over the New York giants. "His season is over," Payton said. the tough running back this season to punch the ball 56 times to obtain 180 yards (3.2 yards per rushing) and 4 touchdowns, his playing time has increased in recent weeks. Robinson injury led to the saints running position, leaving only the first runner Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram), C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller) and rookie Marcus Murphy (Marcus Murphy). Payton did not reveal how the saints planned to adjust their running position after Robinson's season's reimbursement. Robinson averaged 18.1 games per game before the match. Peeler may get more time, but the saints have been very careful about the recovery. Peeler has averaged 16.7 games per game this season and has never had more than 21 gear in 7 games. Ingram may take on a greater amount of work and may have more time to go on the offensive in front of the area. Mofeiben season played only in special teams, but Payton has said he would run as a substitute who get playing time.recently, the 2018 China Football League B League club has released the new season's jerseys. All the football clubs show their regional characteristics and design a very creative Jersey. Now we'll take a look at some clubs' special jersey designs. Baoding Rong Da according to the official introduction of the design inspiration originates from the ancient Baoding palace as the majestic plaque of the capital of Zhili, the plaque is made into a pattern on the shirt. Beijing science and technologyThe main idea of the shirt is to show Einstein's law of conservation of quality through the effect of the pattern. Lehman, ShenzhenThe feature of the shirt comes from a blitz of lightning from the chest, which is officially inspired by the LED light. Sichuan Annapurna I collar after the words "Sichuan resurgence" slogan, entrusted with the fans of Chuanzu unlimited expectations. Hunan Hunan Hualai Jersey back above the Hunan dialect very representative of the noun "line" has the tenacity and perseverance of the meaning, symbol of Hunan football to pursue the dream of football. Shanghai Shen vatiaThe season in the shirt badge seal as the main design elements, the body part seals into every detail, to seal the head back neckline, hem seals the tail. Nantong cloud Nantong port has an important geographical significance in international shipping. The designer uses sea ripples as the main element to show the advantages of Nantong as the main coastal port of the country. North Yanbian "the victory" is a very unique Korean Cheer slogans, the printed on the back collar as well as the team cheer.3 9 afternoon, Zhang Jike studio released three photos of Zhang Jike, see, Zhang Jike is working hard, he is looking forward to the return of the king. At present, Zhang Jike's world rankings have dropped to 70, now, the former Olympic champion is ready to open a way of attack. Zhang Jike, who was born in 1988, is 30 years old. He has been in training for 4 months without any system training. He has been involved in various entertainment programs and widely loved with Tian Jing. Many people think Zhang Jike is going to retire. After all, now Guoping Malone and Xu Xin Bryant, there are a lot of people out, Zhang Jike seems to have been not essential. But Zhang Jike never said he would retire, and now he's back. In March 9th, Zhang Jike appeared with the official team training hall Guoping training. In addition, Zhang Jike studio also released three photos, in order to be able to recover as soon as possible, Zhang Jike is working in the gym. , of course, Zhang Jike will face a great challenge, because his ranking has dropped to more than 70. Therefore, if Zhang Jike wants to participate in international competitions, many games will start from qualifying. In Zhang Jike's schedule, the team will participate in the world championships trials next week. This year's World Team Table Tennis Championships will be carried out in Halmstad from April 29th to May 6th, Guoping men's team will have 5 players to play. The new season, the introduction of the new deal Guoping selection, indirectly replaced the years of implementation of the world championships through series. According to the selection rules of New World Championships, the 2017 World Championships in Dusseldorf, the top three singles table tennis Super League top three and top three National Games will produce 3 of the 2018 World Championships team competition places. These 3 conditions of selection, Zhang Jike did not match. Last year's World Championships, Zhang Jike in the third round lost to South Korea Li Xiangxiu. Tianjin National Games, Zhang Jike is not the enemy of the small leader Zhou Kai 8. As for the Table Tennis Super League, Zhang Jike is absent for two consecutive years. in addition, for the training of young players, the selection of new Guoping has a U21 clause, the fourth places will be reserved for athletes under the age of 21. To participate in this year's World Championships, Zhang Jike Yan An, Zhou Yu Liang Jingkun, only with other teammates to compete for the last number of entrants. It was difficult for Zhang Jike, who had no systematic training for 4 months. , however, Zhang Jike's fans still have confidence in him. "Brother, you are the best, you can always see it, Zhang Jike!" "2020 are you going to be in Tokyo? I want to see you tearing a Jersey there again. " According to the Beijing News and other .

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