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Handball | religious ceremony will be buried throughout the funeral | Saon great Olympic Park | hand Association [Photos - Samaranch funeral attended king Nadal carry the coffin of Beijing time April 23rd 00:00, Spain local time at 18:00 on April 22nd, the International Olympic Committee lifetime honorary chairman Samaranch's funeral was held in Barcelona municipal hall. The ritual of is an important part of the funeral. About 4000 people attended the mass of Mr. Samaranch in the cathedral. After the daughter and International Olympic Committee chairman Roger Samaranch eulogy, cardinal Lewis presided over the ceremony began. first cardinal bishops to praise, began to go on stage to sing song "Requiem" the holy water, the bishop was the symbol of incense pot, respect for the dead and pray. Then the bishops to junior choir, forward to bid farewell to the holy water Saon dignitaries, people holy food distribution. The distribution of the holy food means the respect for the dead cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , which means that the dead will be willing to sacrifice for the living. , mayor of Barcelona and son of the subsequent stage of Saon expressed gratitude to people from all walks of life to attend the funeral. The bishop then walked off the stage in Saon incense in front of the coffin, continue to chant ringing. Spanish king Juan Carlos and queen Sophia and Princess Elena and princess Christina to the Samaranch family hug. 's funeral mass in the Cathedral of Barcelona declared the end of the casket, by Nadal and other sports circles slowly out of the church, carried into a black long car. Samaranch's coffin will be buried at the Montjuit mountain in the Olympic Park of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. (new body)The official website of NFL | Brady did not have any training arrangements for the team | football absence The team and the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) was involved in bleeding events, were sentenced to penalties alliance. At this stage, the team and the Brady has filed an appeal related penalties, it will continue to alliance also invested a lot of manpower and working time. Despite being suspended for four matches, Brady is still in accordance with the original plan to actively participate in the existing team training plan. According to reports, since the team began training in April 20th, Brady missed only media access, attend and participate in all training programs. According to insiders, Brady did not care alliance punishment, he will be in accordance with their original plan to spend this offseason, in order to show the best fit. According to reports, Brady refused to comment on any bleeding time, he will put attention to the training and running the team. As everyone knows, Hugh Brady attaches great importance to the efficiency and effectiveness of training during the tournament, he hopes to be able to contact with a longer time with teammates, for earlier in the game.Author: James kausar I recently got a chance to come to NFL in China. This opportunity is worship Raiders player (Player Engagement) will be given, they tried to find me a few offseason projects for self-improvement, and to prepare for life after retirement. But actually, I am not too cold about business, economy, fitness training camp and so on, but I can speak Chinese, and I have been to China before, so I chose this probation. players' participation will help me to contact NFL China's office in Shanghai. When they call, people there are very excited, and many opportunities are coming to us. The timetable I got was filled with meetings and arrangements, and I might also have a workshop, or some lovely children. I will stay in China for about two and a half weeks. This time will be very busy, but I look forward to it. I want to be involved in everything, to witness everything, and to participate in the activities personally. The only thing I'm afraid of is that time is not enough. mentioned before, I've been in China, and it was in 2009, and I was temporarily out of school to help my church finish the task. So I lived in Hongkong for two years and worked with people there, and I naturally learned their language. My Cantonese is good, and Mandarin is also very confident. Therefore, NFL Chinese people also think, let me such a big lump to China, with fans and their mother tongue, will have a very good effect. I'm very excited. The flight attendants are Shanghai people, one of them saw my radar clothes, come to me. I explained his arrangement to him, and he asked me if I had ever been to the mainland before. We had a pleasant talk, the little brother who is very good, he said I will be encouraging this journey, I hope so. in a word, I'm very happy to come to China, and I can't wait. ?After returning to Barcelona's traditional vertical striped Jersey, the New Barcelona home shirt was immediately touted by the fans. The Barcelona home shirt was striped in the last season. the original link:

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