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- source cover each of the world cup, European Cup, Chengdu daily sports department are immersed in the warm atmosphere of the game, to the late night, sitting in front of the TV office uniform team spokesperson". In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, I wore a three - leaf clover black T-shirt with a three color German flag, and I disguised myself as a German fan. However, this year, I was embarrassed, exhausted or not to buy the European cup jerseys, and only Department female colleague embarrassed naked, do not wear the European Cup battle dress, but are written at the European Cup, it is xinyoubugan. When approached the European Cup, the good editor teacher sent an email containing pictures of the 16 main teams of Germany, France, Italy and Portugal. In the 16 teams' shirts in the left and right choice, it is not easy to meet the white home shirt of the German team, and the omnipotent Taobao is rare. Tmall mall has a Portuguese women's shirt, but the "pig liver color" women do not love. Then I walked around the mall sports brand and the sports mall. I was told that the European Cup women's shirt did not arrive, and it was still early. God, GAGA, the European Cup has started! Jersey "discrimination" for women? No German women' cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s shirt, and next. Let's wear the white home in England and walk out of England. I went to the shirt brand UMBRO English official net to see, and ran away. Britain is indeed the birthplace of football culture. Its official website not only has women's money, but also classifications women's/girl's, and even children's kid's, which sells for 35-45 pounds. Here, I was also the first to popularize the knowledge of jerseys. The styles of jerseys sold in the market are the same as those worn by players, but they are not called jerseys, they should be called fans' clothes, otherwise the selling price will never be so cheap. The function of the fan suit is "to make the fans better integrate into the European Cup football culture this summer". Unfortunately, when I was thinking of letting my British friends buy a woman's shirt on the official website, I found that the female money was sold out. women's shirts are rarely sold, probably in China without the culture of women fans. As a female fan, it is defined as a "false fan". It is said that a woman kicking a ball is more regarded as a "nerve knife". In fact, as the world's popular sports, although it is a man's world, but without the love and support of women, there will always be a lot less color. He said that every game, there will always be fixed in the lens face many beauty fans, always named football baby, no female football fans, but also let the world crazy? 10 years ago, high school have a real female fans, and female students occasionally with the boys about serie a blush, just play the woman dam ball will not be considered a real woman, female fans have disappeared, like a female version of the same shirt. I send a message to my true female fan, "do you still watch the ball now?" The European Cup is coming. " Answer: "old, do not stay up late. The university will not look at it later. " I just want a new female fan to join in. No matter whether it is true or false, I like it well. Like a Jersey, 〉Darren Si Paule (Darren Sproles) to assume more responsibility, to help Philadelphia win the 2 game winning streak. His performance also helped himself to win the honor of the second - week league's best offensive player. Paule was elusive in the game against the Indianapolis pony, and the defender was always unable to catch him. In the whole game, he took 7 hits 152 yards from the new high career and 17 yards of the ball. With a 19 - yard punching ball, Paule helped the hawk win 30-27. 's performance in the United States, Paule's former teammates, Antonio - Gates (Antonio Gates) is also amazing. The 34 veteran tight end, 7 times the ball gains 96 yards, scored 3 touchdowns, helping the team win the 30-21 Seattle seahawks. other position Awards: (AFC): best defender: new England patriots, defensive end front, Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) 8 capture, 2 capture, 1 free kick and complete back attack, helping the team to win 30-7 Minnesota Vikings. best secret service player: buffalo Bill, running / returning hand, C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller) completed a 102 - yard kick back attack in the Bill 29-10 victory over the Miami dolphin. National Union (NFC): best defender: Chicago bear, Kok Wei, Kell Fowler (Kyle Fuller) 2 times, 6 times to help the team to reverse the 49 people in San Francisco. best secret service player: , Arizona Cardinals, back of hand, Ted gold (Ted Ginn) The 71 code abandoning kick returns the team to help the team to reverse the victory.'s message about tiger tigers to replace the quarterback A.J. A.J. (A.J. McCarron) has only been spread among fans and media. This is the manager Marvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) said to the media: "Macallan A.J. is one of the best in our team. No one has asked him about the price, and we won't sell him specially. I have said so many times: he is an excellent part of our team. " Brown coach Hue Jackson had previously said he was happy to do intra - zone transactions, making some people think he was interested in Macallan. Because Jackson had been a tutor in the tigers, coaching the first two seasons of Macallan.STATSSEASONTEAMGPGSMINFGM-AFG%3PM-A3P%FTM-AFT%ORDRREBASTBLKSTLPFTOPTS'04-'0530112.81.5-2.6.5770.0-0.0.0000.6-1.3.4751.'05-'0668214.71.7-2.7.6380.0-0.0.0000.3-1.1.3061.'06-'07826329.04.2-7.1.5990.0-0.0.0001.1-2.0.5213.'07-'08765927.34.5-7.1.6260.0-0.0.0001.5-2.5.6203.'08-'09625830.05.0-8.6.5780.0-0.0.0001.9-3.5.5513.67.611.'09-'10332923.12.5-4.2.5910.0-0.0.0000.1-0.8.1601.'10-'11595523.72.4-4.5.5340.0-0.0.0000.2-0.5.3232.'11-'12473515.70.8-1.4.6090.0-0.0.0000.0-0.2.1111.'12-'135399.30.2-0.4.4760.0-0.0.0000.1-0.2.3080.'13-'14607.50.2-0.21.0000.0-0.0.0000.2-1.0.1670. Stats ?

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