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Automatic playback switch automatically play [collection] 1-0 Manchester Grieg at Wigan Athletic pole is loading ..; Tencent sports news Beijing time on February 21st, the past week, China fans at home to celebrate the Spring Festival and enjoy a happy family happiness, but also international football is very lively, but also the five major league war field. Next, Tencent sports also put an end to some of the focus of international football for the fans during the Spring Festival. The twelfth lunar month twenty-eight Chelsea ended two consecutive defeats and 3-0 wins during the Spring Festival holiday, Chelsea suffered two defeats in the Premiership, with a score of 0-3 lost to Bournemouth, to Waterford lost 1-4. As the manager of the team, Conti has been under great pressure, and the news that Conti is going to be in class is also being burst out. In the year twenty-eight Chinese this day, Chelsea in the Premier League twenty-seventh round of ending the war in 3-0 defeated Si Brown Vecchi Ch cheap nfl jerseys free shipping elsea with a victory over the two game losing streak, but also makes the integral team beat Tottenham continues to rank the top four column. the second of the year Barcelona over two Spanish La Liga 2-0 Wahl Messi Lianping history of La Liga assists Barcelona in the new season's La Liga played high light, a huge lead in the standings, but in the twenty-second round and 23 round League encounter two lianping. In the second China morning, Barcelona in the twenty-fourth round of La Liga also ushered in a long lost victory, the team with Suarez and Alabbar's goal beat erval and Messi team, the game did not score, but sent assists, his assists make him and Michel tied for the Spanish history the assists, up to 147 times. The victory of the match also made Barcelona continue to maintain the advantage of seven points, and at the same time, it made a good warm-up for Chelsea's Champions League focus. French Monaco 4-0 Dijon , the French court ranked second in the Monaco team in the 4-0 home court victory over Dijon, continue to be 1 points ahead of third ranked marseille. The German giants Wagner and Bayern came to Wolfsburg in the twenty-third round of the away games. The first time they played Munich scored a goal. Then Lavon came on the field to win the penalty kick. Bayern finally beat the wolf castle by 2-1, and extended the season to ten. FA Cup Chelsea 4-0 Hull city Chelsea also attacked again this evening. He won the Hull city in the FA Cup 1/8 knockout with 4-0 score. William scored two degrees in this game, and the new assistant introduced from the winter window by Jilu also handed out 1 shots of 2 passes. Auburn University's Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones will probably refresh the 2016 pick 40 yards data. On Monday, in an unofficial calculation, he completed a 4.28 second run. this is the first time we saw so fast in the NFL training camp. training camp 3 days ago did not seem to have what passion, especially this year, the catchers have bad speed, until Jones changed our thinking on Monday morning, such data gave him a chance to challenge Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) created in 4.24 seconds. The second official test score of Jones was 4.33 seconds, which proved that his first run was reliable. for Jones, speed advantage is very important, because he is a small corner guard, perhaps in university will not have any influence, but to NFL, he had to rely on his speed to make up for his height disadvantage.The official website of NFL | tiger star linebacker concussion may miss the football match | line von TASS Bo Fekete (Vontaze Burfict) is the heart and soul of NFL's most underrated defensive team, and it may miss the match against Tennessee Titan on Sunday. in the second week of Wednesday, Hobson (Geoff Hobson) by a team official website announced Bofeikete due to a concussion injury report was included in the Cincinnati tigers. Bo Fekete was first diagnosed in the fight against the Atlanta falcons, but not after the game, which showed symptoms of concussion. Before he is allowed to return to the field, he will have to pass the consortium's concussion report. After a week of two concussions, Bo Fekete could face a few weeks of absence.[Photo] | Bowling bowling tournament successful ending in 2015 in Hubei ProvinceThe Bowling Championships of Hubei province ended in the evening of July 2nd at the bowling alley of Hubei University, 2015. After 3 days of fierce competition, there are different awards. The competition was held under the careful planning of the new Hubei Bowling Association. It was strongly supported by the Provincial Sports Bureau and the active participation of the bowling fans. The event will continue to promote the development of the bowling movement in Hubei. Hu Dechun, director of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, said in his speech at the opening ceremony that it will actively co-ordinate the planning and provide activities for bowling enthusiasts. With the attention of the leaders and the support of the government, the Hubei bowling movement will achieve a new leap.

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