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The official website of NFL | Adrian - Peterson: the Vikings have a chance to win the Champions | football Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) believe that the Minnesota Vikings now is the time to become Super Bowl champion competitors, rather than some people think it will take a couple of years. we'll have a chance to win the championship this year - winning everything, Peterson said. Sit down and watch. Sit down and watch. You feel like, 'I think you'll take a few years at least,' no, 'No. You sit and watch this year. Thanks to Peterson in the 2014 season was suspended after the return, the Vikings last season for the first time in three years return to the playoffs. Peterson ranked first in the league with the number of 1485 yards of the ball last season, the third time in his career. despite the results, Peterson thought last season was disappointing because I knew I could do more. That's true, to be honest. He also said that again in the league, the number one number of punching numbers is the goal that has already been planted in the heart, but his number one goal is to win the championship. Peterson, who has a 11675 yard career of 11675 yards, also needs 6681 yards to break the record of the history of the ball code (18355 yards). In addition, Peterson challenged the single season r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ushing yardage record in 2012 (2105 yards), he was in a 2097 yard, but still be rushing yards when the season is up to the player.NFL's official website, fantasy old driver is necessary to teach you today a little experience of life in football nest NFL Chinese fans circle two luminary of Chai Wan - and free version, the former is domestic private promotion NFL the first person, the latter is the first authoritative domestic referee circles, even translated all of the NFL rule book. On the occasion of the Thanksgiving Day on the eve of World War II, we let the empty version to share his fantasy experience: high school when I was exposed to fantasy, of course NBA (around 2003). At that time, there were no tiger pads. The students in the class set up a league together. They used every excuse to go to the teacher office to check the data with computers every day. Then they talked about the deal with each other when they were off class. As the University, after exposure to NFL, continue to play NFL's fantasy is a very natural thing, but because at that time around to see a friend of NFL no, so only friends and play. fantasy is a few people together to the team's quarterback, running back, wide receiver, proximal front, kicker, defense to divide up, were composed of different teams, calculate the score according to the player in the real game, with your choice of players and players than the other candidates, the high score win. I was playing for the first time according to the default sequence, familiar first out. But I started to contact English data more, start very early analysis of some fantasy, such as ESPN Matthew Berry, a weekly column. Despite a lot of analysis, the game is very random. Compared with the old players, the new players do not necessarily have great advantages, especially the one week performance, because the technology level is mainly expressed in the long-term average statistics. The first year, there is a 5 person teacher Terry Wizards of our union, since the first week of the election is perfect, and have not done any operation, not only the final playoff spot, but also the impact of the US alliance. The super bowl, almost won the championship. I play fantasy also has more than ten years, still attracted me, let me in the game all the other games are of significance, but also enjoy the garbage time, look forward to your own players can brush a better data to complete or prevent fantasy comeback comeback. When you start feeling is no longer an important outcome of the deranged, even because of their home team players in the week when the team will secretly hope not good data. Wait until the play several leagues, since the beginning of need their own players and other opponents fear the outbreak of comeback, the League also chose the player and can be overturned, after calculating the tangle, began to wonder: if the fraction of control in the number of minutes, can make 2 league wins at the same time...... 's Thanksgiving day competition choice: quarterback: Ben Rothlisberger, running back: LVEA 〉The Houston Dezhou stadium, the home of the NRG stadium, has been criticized in the last few weeks. The recent visiting team has also been complaining. On Monday PFT live in occupation football interview, Philadelphia hawks run Weile Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) said the court is "he had seen the worst of the pitch". He said, "yes, it's terrible. It's awful and terrible." and what is the difference? Mccoy Tucao: ground numerous pits, puddles, and gravel. Just as they are on the pitch every piece of grass are explored as numerous potholes. It can't be a NFL playing field. The stadium is big and beautiful, but the meadow is too bad. " He also mentioned that the sod is made of splice, and there are huge seams between adjacent turf. , he continued: "as a operator, it is necessary to guarantee the conditions for the players because we are working hard on them. At least to ensure that the players can run safely on the court. " Mccoy is right. It is only when the alliance and the union really promote the safety of the players to give the players the safest environment possible.Cleveland Brown quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) proved to be in the team's first quarterback competition with actual action. team coach Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) said, "performed better than expected. "Bullock brings a little surprise," Jackson said. "He did a good job. He works hard every day. He is very devoted. I think he really likes to stay here. I think he really gets along well with other quarterback levels. He feels good. " According to media reports, in Brown Wyler offseason training performance is the best and the other people and he "is not a small gap". Jackson said he evaluated him only according to osweller's performance on the training ground. "since his team since he has been outstanding," Jackson said. "I do not evaluate people according to what others say. I evaluate it according to what I have seen. It's the most important thing for him to perform well in the team. " Although is in Dezhou Houston Oswald vhailor abandoned his case came to Brown, but he may eventually be able to beat the other in the new season as the starting quarterback.

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