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Pittsburgh Steelers hope to have the opportunity ninth times to enter the Super Bowl in the next season, but in the absence of external Weiss Bryant took over Mata (Martavis Bryant) under the condition to do this will become more difficult. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday, according to people familiar with the matter, the foreign player was banned for violating NFL drug abuse regulations. The alliance has not yet been formally punished, but if he is banned, Bryant will be appealed. , according to Bryant's agent, said Bryant planned to be evaluated and treated for depression. And this may be the cause of his violation. According to the agent, Bryant missed a number of drug tests. He had been suspended, at the beginning of the season because he repeatedly violated the provisions of the alliance doping and was banned for 4 matches. in the two season total scored 17 touchdowns in the Bryant case, it is hard for the Steelers easy replacement value. We can look at Anto cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nio - Brown (Antonio Brown) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) - Wylton after the second grade wide receiver Sami (Sammie Coates) and coats's veteran Darius Haywood - Tony (Darrius Heyward-Bey) can play a more important role. Before the introduction of the new San Diego lightning proximal front pull - Green (Ladarius Green) darys can also help, but Bryant's amazing athletic ability is irreplaceable.the United States Thursday night race, Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) will have to become the new England patriots quarterback. if all this happens, Edelman's father gives his own explanation. Frank Edelman (Frank Edelman) is Edelman's father and his former Rugby coach in high school. He said, "can Julian play four? Of course he can do it, but can he make a quarterback code? I'm not sure?? I don't know how many passes he will finish at last, but one thing I confirm is that he really knows the offensive team of the team, and he will not have any problems with all tactical understanding. The team before starting quarterback Jimmy Gary Pohle (Jimmy Garoppolo) on a game shoulder injury, this competition team may make the rookie Jacob - Bulisaite (Jacoby Brissett) first, Edelman bench. before the seventh round of the Patriots selected Edelman, he served as a quarterback at the Kent State University, NFL occupation career in the playoffs he had completed a 51 yard touchdown pass, but now the Edelman on the ball to make money. finally, Edelman's father said that if his coach in the next match would send more running instructions to his son, he said, "I will be very nervous in this match."The disaster struck the saints in New Orleans. The first round of show defensive tackle Sheldon rankins (Sheldon Rankins) in training on Monday after being carried out, according to preliminary results, the team think he fibular fracture. rankins will accept more inspections, but he is expected to undergo surgery this week. He is likely to enter the team's short term injury reserve list. Saint was supposed to rankins can become the mainstay of defensive attack. Defensive tackle is seen as one of the most destructive draft, pick rankins in training camp has been eye-catching performance in twelfth. Rankins in joint training last week in the new England Patriots quarterback steals Tom Brady (Tom Brady) pass, this performance has attracted the attention of. He did well in the first pre - season. The main vulnerability rankins originally will fill the saints, the team plans to let he and Taylor - Davidson (Tyeler Davison). The saints and Nick Fairley (Nick Fairley), John Jenkins (John Jenkins) and the four round show David ang Jemma (David Onyemata) tower. may be out for a long time in the case of rankins, defensive end Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan) will lead the team he will pass the impact, and Gasim - Ed Barry (Kasim Edebali). It's hard to start the new season of the saints.NFL official website | Carol recalls "wrong ave Marie": shocking | football Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers will be played again this week, the third week of the 2012 season errors were also once again become the focus of people talking about. In that game, the Seahawks with referee misjudgment, beat 14-12. the final moment of the game, Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) in the desperate attempt to pass the Wanfu Marie pass. The ball in the end zone, the packers safetys M.D. Jennings (M.D. Jennings) and the Seahawks receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) at the same time to catch the ball. The referee ignored Tate after the push, determine the Seahawks touchdown completion. Seahawk coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) in this week's interview asked this question, he said: This is a shocking moment, the referee made the decision, we can win a victory. The penalty has reversed the result of the game, and it is important for us, anyway. Russell offered Gordon a chance to finish the game, and the latter got the chance to get the ball. This is a key penalty, an important victory. The packers are very powerful, and we respect them very much. But that night, to us is a dreamy

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