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The official website of NFL | Adrian Peterson appeal was dismissed | football third party arbitration officer Harold - Henderson (Harold Henderson) dismissed the Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) appeal. The decision made by Henderson was that Peterson did not show the process and procedure of punishing him injustice or inconsistent. He gained all the protection and the rights that he should enjoy, and Henderson said I did not find the basis for revocation or mitigation of his punishment. Henderson also said that Peterson's public statements did not reflect regrets and were aware of the seriousness of their behavior. For the 2014 season of the NFL players union, most of the season did not play. It should be able to fight for the ban time. Henderson refused to put the president's franchise list as a punishment. The next step by the NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) is to bring his case to the federal court. abandoned Peterson's defense against the league's abuse of corporal punishment for his 4 year old son. In November 18th of this year, NFL banned him from punishment. The appeal was dismissed, Peterson know before April 15th next year, will not be able to resume play qualification. Peterson's penalty time will include the last 3 games of the season and the first 3 games of the next season, if the original 6 matches are su cheap nfl jerseys free shipping spended. But according to Rapoport, if he can work with NFL in the next 4 months, Peterson will be able to play the first game of the next season. reported that although he internal Vikings team wants to come back to the attention of the Peterson, there is no salary season nearly $13 million under the running back a penny is guaranteed income. The 30 year old Peterson will not be guaranteed to start his ninth NFL season in the Vikings in March next year.Squash |2014 Chinese Squash Open peak duel will be put on the Huangpu River Luca September 6th 2014 Chinese Squash Open semifinals at the The Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai held the 11 layer open platform, after fierce competition for James · Will Strop (UK), Peter · Beck (UK) defeated rival promotion finals; Liu Weiwen (Malaysia), Camille · Sarma (France) were rivals for the finals right. The Chinese Squash Open is on the side of the Huangpu River tomorrow night. today in the semifinals match, tournament seeded player James · Will Strop (UK) against Omar · (Egypt), Mossad; although Omar Xianshengduoren won the first game, lost the final offensive sharpshooter, finally by 3:1 (8:11,11:5,11:3,11:4) defeated James, · Will Strop is worthy of a seed player, James · Will Strop's teammate Peter · Beck (UK) against Laurence · Yang · ANN Jemma (Holland), 3:0 (11:5,11:5,11:2) to easily qualify for the finals. women in today's board in the finals, Liu Weiwen (Malaysia) to kill them from qualifying a horse. Salma Haney, Ibrahim (Egypt) to 3:1 (11:8,11:2,11:9) to qualify for the final tournament; one player Camille · Sarma (France) with a 3:1 victory over Nolan. Gokhale (Egypt) scores (11-13,11-8,11-1,11-7 get right to the final). September 7th will be China open the most wonderful performances, men's champion in the UK two players James Will Strop and Peter · · Beck, the women's championship in France's Camille · Sarma and Malaysia's Liu Wei Wen decided, Liu Weiwen in 2012 has won the China Open champion, hope that she can have a wonderful the performance challenge will be the top seed. Tomorrow will open by the women's Liu Weiwen challenge Camille · at 6:30; 7:30 the men Sarma, James Will Strop and Peter · · gold medalist Beck decided this open, after the end of the game will be held at Shanghai's The Peninsula Hotel awards ceremony 11 open platform. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Tomlinson praised Baer: he is the best | rugby union the first week after the end of the game, we will take 197 yards of the two round of the 2013 show Pittsburgh Steelers rabon - Baer (Le Veon Bell) as the first week of the best running backs. In the previous program, we also mentioned that he would be the top 5 runner at the end of the season. In the first three weeks, Baer took the most 461 yards from the league. He has written his name on the top of the rankings of the runner by virtue of his excellent performance. has a high opinion of Baer Tomlinson LaDainian Tomlinson: in my view, Baer is the best runner in the league now. He can complete all the human beings can accomplish, he can break through the inside, can take advantage of the speed on the outside, can catch the pass. He is a versatile, exercise superior ability, I love him, I aibei'er. We fully agree with this. today, Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) was included in the exemption list, Le Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) and Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) also did not find on the rhythm of the season. Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), as always, is like a beast, and the DeMarco Murray has been taken care of. Baer's biggest advantage in comparison with them is the ability to make a super performance, as well as the excellent skill of catching the ball. At present, the Steelers offensive team, in addition to Baer, also has the Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) and Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown). This makes their attack group a real star in 3 technical positions.The official website of NFL |NFL Alliance announced this year draft pick | football team compensation On Monday, the Alliance announced the allocation of compensation in 2015 at the Arizona annual conference. A total of 32 compensation ranks were allocated to 14 teams. according to the rules, the free players that the team lost in the previous year will get the right to compensate when they get more than they get. And a team that can get most of the compensation shows is not more than 4. The 2015 draft conference will be held in Chicago from April 30th to May 2nd. 14 teams have the right to compensate for the following: round of cis / total CIS team 333-97 new England patriots 334-98 Kansas chiefs 335-99 Cincinnati tigers 433-132 San Francisco 49 team in the 434-133 Denver Broncos 435-134 Seattle Seahawks 436-135 Cincinnati tigers 437-136 Baltimore crow team 533-169 Panthers 534-170, Carol Seattle Seahawks 535-171 Baltimore 536-172 Kansas 537-173 team crow Emirates team Kansas chiefs 538-174 Houston Dezhou team in the 539-175 Baltimore crow team 633-208 Denver Broncos 634-209 Seattle Seahawks 635-210 Green Bay Packers 636-211 Houston Dezhou team in the 637-212 Green Bay Packers 638-213 Carolina Panthers 639-214 Seattle Seahawks 640-215 Saint Louis rams 641-216 Houston Dezhou team in the 642-217 Kansas City Chiefs 733-250 Denver Broncos 734-251 Denver Broncos 735-252 Pitts Fort Steelers 736-253 new England patriots 737-254 San Francisco 49 team in the 738-255 Indiana Colts 739-256 Arizona Cardinals

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