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with this season, the Seattle Seahawks defensive combination emerged as the league's most dominant. Once again, they made sure that they were able to keep the defensive team intact. in the 4 year contract renewal linebacker K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) after just one day, NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Seahawks and defensive end Clif ivlli (Cliff Avril) for about 4 years, the contract value of $28 million 500 thousand, including $16 million in guaranteed income. iville was supposed to be the most valuable player we thought we should have won the Super Bowl last season, but it was a sudden news. Ewell had only 4.5 escapement this season, but the data will be fraudulent. The professional rugby Focus Net (ProFootballFocus) shows that alvill has made 38 chasing quarterback and 9 quarterback. He was named the ninth good passing player on the site by the site, after team mate Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett). Both Aville and Bennet came to the team as a good and cheap free pla cheap nfl jerseys free shipping yer in 2013 and had already got a big deal. , the only 28 year old iville and Bennet, provided a high quality veteran's passing hand choice. In the draft the Seahawks can choose a future shock passing hand, they know that the next few years the lineup has actually been stable. Coach Pete Carroll (Pete) has made it clear that he is ready to keep the defensive team intact while hoping to develop the offensive team. look at now and the Seahawks signed about defensive player will make people feel incredible. Carol and general manager John Schneider has been with Wright, ivlli, Bennet, cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), security guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) and Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas). To maintain a great defense personnel system is a very difficult thing, but these people have the opportunity in the future become one of the greatest combination of history. the next extension of the Seahawks quarterback Russell goal is Wilson (Russell Wilson). The rookie contract for Bobby Wagner is also due to expire after the end of the 2015 season. The Seahawks have shown they will care for their own players, so we think Werwilson and Wagner will get a new contract in the next year.the United States time Sunday game has not been a great deal, but the great players continue to cross one of the milestones. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitxgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) this season in his fourteenth season in the league, but the game after he catches the total code number to the history of the sixth 14953 yards ahead of Tim - Brown (Tim Brown) 14934 yards. The same game, running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) completed a 159 yard run ball, occupation career total code number reached 12142 yards in the history of the fourteenth. Peterson is the history of only 4 running backs in less than 130 games under the condition of complete 12000 yards forward players, the other three are Jim - Brown (Jim Brown) 115, Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickson) 118, and Baron Saunders (Barry Sanders) 125. also has a kicker. Adam Vinatieri from Indianapolis pony has become the second point player in the history. 2442 points, ahead of him is the 2544 point of Morton Anderson (Morton Anderson) in Indianapolis. no doubt one day in the future we'll see those men wearing the golden time on Sunday, Denver Mustang played against Oakland Raiders. Paxton Lynch, the Paxton of the Mustang quarterback, left the field early because of her ankle injury. before he was pushed down by his opponent, then the scene camera captured the picture of his tears on the sidelines, which obviously touched the hearts of the wild horse fans, because the fans' hearts were the same at the beginning of the season's 2 wins and 0 losses. is just the third time for Lynch to start this season. However, before injury, Lynch's performance is not unsatisfactory. 14 passes pass 9 times, 41 yards are not promoted, but 1 times are copied. for Lynch we can only hope that the injury is not very serious, and he is also able to get the second chance to lead the the Kansas City Chiefs and alliance "captured and killed King Justin Houston (Justin Houston) in the negotiations without them, and the other a defensive player has completed the renewal of the front. on Saturday announced that they took long and defensive end Alan - Bailey (Allen Bailey) to complete the contract. NFL media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) and Eyre Bert - Brill (Albert Breer) reported on the new 4 year contract worth $25 million, including the protection of gold for $15 million, another $10 million signing bonus. and "professional rugby interview" first reported the news. The chief executive John Dorsey (John Dorsey) announced through a news conference: "we are very happy to leave Alan in Kansas City. He has grown into a good player and is already a key player in our defense system. Bailey is 25 years old this year, and this year is his first full - time first season in the Emirates. In 9 games, 29 escapement and 4 capture were captured, and 2 captured in the first 3 games. He ranked in the "professional football Focused Web site" as the twenty-first of the 50 defensive fronts in all 3-4 defense systems.

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