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The official website of NFL | exposure ram two years ago chose Sam to avoid the "tough guy" | football training camp in the 2014 NFL draft, when Saint Louis's rams chose the defensive side Michael Sam Michael Sam in the seventh round, he also became the first openly released gay player in the league. , but recently, Saint Louis media reported that Sam chose the rams because if they did so, the alliance would agree that they would not appear in the hard training camp that year. and the ram chief Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) were ridiculous and 100% wrong on the report on Thursday when they participated in the ESPN program. He said: we have 3 seventh round picks. We picked Michael, he was the best player we thought at the time. Who would think that you would give up a talent show to avoid doing such a thing in a normal mind - so I think it would be good for the team. When was cut off by the ram before the 2014 season, Sam said he was not surprised at twitter. He said in an interview this Thursday: I can understand why they cut me instead of Ethan - Wes Brooks (Ethan Westbrooks), even though I will perform better than him. It can also be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping understood why coach Fisher was vague when telling me the news that I was cut. on Wednesday the Alliance announced that the move to Losangeles for the next season will be the subject of a new season of "hard man training camp". We look forward to this opportunity, and this will be a great story this summer, Fisher said.The official website of NFL | Panther has not yet decided this week starting running back for | football , several of the main players in the Carolina Black Panthers are injured. Ron Rivera, a coach, said in an interview that he is still not sure who will be the first to play on this week's Ron. originally starting running back Dangelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) due to ankle sprain will continue to miss this week, a bulldozer called fullback Mike Thor Bott (Mike Tolbert) has also been put into short-term injured reserve list will miss the next few weeks of the game. While a running back Jonathan - Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) due to a knee injury this week could play also have doubt, Rivera said he will decide whether Stewart played in the game, if Stewart can return, so he will serve as the absolute main running back, on the other hand, then the ground attack duties will be Darin - Reaves (Darrin Reeves (Fozzy) and fudge - Whittaker Whittaker) and Chris Ogburn Nayar (Chris Ogbonnaya) share. this season, the Panther's ground attack was not as strong as last season, with an average of 71 yards per game and fourth in the league. Even if Stewart returned, his 29 - stroke 58 - yard performance this season could not let the fans feel relieved.local time Monday afternoon, the ram returned to the base of Cal Lutheran, starting to prepare for this weekend's pre - season match with lightning. Today's training is not a one, although it has just finished a game, but the team is still in high spirits. today Barron, Quinn, Webster and Robey-Coleman all return to the training ground. McVay revealed that the training for reducing Quinn did not arrange him to play in the pre - season, purely to protect him and do his best to avoid injuries. is also the tenth day for Watkins to join the team today. In the first interview, he mentioned that he needed a week and a half to master all kinds of tactics. From training and weekend games, he had been very satisfied with the progress of the coach team. In the first attack of today's 7v7 training in Watkins, with a long ball to ram a new week unveiled. aimed at attacking frontlines, and McVay indicated that their performance in the game was very satisfactory to the coaching team. Saffold points out that, with the help of Kromer and McVay, both Brown and Havenstein are more aware of their responsibilities and have improved their basic skills. Austin is likely to continue to miss the training and competition this week, but it seems insignificant. The two teams of Cooper, Reynolds and Thoms have been well received by all from all walks of life. This week's training will focus on the punching hand and the corner guard. Because of the absence of Ebukam and Price, only Smart can continue to create pressure. Hill got a lot of time in the weekend, but it was very bad. In contrast to Countess and Hartfield, the two will make the last fight for the list. JJ3 in the game as the groove angle of Wei received a lot of opportunities, but a poor sense of safety; as the distance Cody Davis is still not a small gap. How to cultivate the three rookie will be a major issue for the coaching team this season.The official website of NFL | crow boss explains the team offside the causes of excessive | football this season, the Baltimore crow's defensive offside number led the league. They were 12 times with the Indianapolis pony, while only 4 teams in the League had more than 7 defensive offside fouls. However, the coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) doesn't care about this problem. Harbert says: of course I know why. Because our players are very active in the flush, and they want to catch the time for the kick off. Especially like Elvis Du mervil (Elvis Dumervil) and Terrell Saggers (Terrell Suggs) - players like that, they don't want to waste a second. We are good at skipping the kick-off line at the first time, which has also brought us a lot of benefit. Of course, we should pay some price for it. it looks like a deal, perhaps a 5 yard foul, perhaps the 1 time the opponent has lost 10 yards. The practice of the Raven players did increase the probability of their killing. At the moment, they are ranked third with 45 rankings. At the same time, the two people in dumisville and Saggers have been punished for 10 offside offense.

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