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??????????????????????????????-?????????Jimmy Graham????????|?????????????????????????????????????? As of this week, Graham just completed the 18 ball, although still listed the proximal front sixth, but with the effect of heroics during the New Orleans saints cannot be mention in the same breath. attack coordinator, Darrel - Darrell Bevell, said, "this is a problem, and we all know that. We'll try all the ways and try to get everyone into the attack. I hope Jim can catch the ball and hope he can do more in the attack. We asked him to catch the ball and ask him to stop it. What we can do now is to go on, we expect him to do more, and the team will do his best to get him to the best. " in the pass attack, Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) to become a pass target more than Graham. 18 ball Graham, only over the same period last year, the Seahawks proximal front ball 7 times. Originally the Seahawks hope to motivate the team by Graham's attack, but now, the team also need longer time to coordinate his role in the attack.Michael, the Oakland raider's Michael Michael, chose not to particip cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ate in the National Anthem protest and partial politics before any competition this year. the United States time on Sunday, after more than 17 to 10 victory over the Tennessee Titans in their team, Crabtree expressed his for Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) protest anthem ceremony, "I just played the game player, I'm not Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King)." Although Capet did not protest Nick subjective and football related, but Crabtree seems to have been the former quarterback himself or not, because he left San Francisco after 49 people have been working in the nick and Capet complain about bad experiences. now some players have chosen not to take part in the protest, and some are involved, and it may be the same for the whole season.Squash | Cai Zhenhua certainly green Olympic performance in the second 19 gold 33 cards are first in the country Figure for China delegation today in China home media will be held on works / photo In August 22, Singapore Cleveland (correspondent Li Lei) the first session of the Youth Olympic Games today began a eighth match day, for the 13 day event is already halfway. The Chinese sports delegation held a media conference this morning at the local Chinese family in Singapore. Cai Zhenhua, the deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and the head of the Chinese delegation, gave full recognition to the performance of the Chinese team in the first half of the competition, but at the same time raised some shortcomings. Today's meeting was chaired by the director of the national sports administration and the deputy head of the Chinese delegation, Cai Jiadong. In addition, the media will have to participate in this Youth Olympic Games six swimmer Tang Yihe won the men's taekwondo coach Chen Jing, 73 kg for the gold medal winner Liu Chang and coach Ma Shuguang, and women's tennis, women's singles gold medal harvest doubles silver medal and teammate Zheng Saisai Tang Haochen and coach Chen Yan. Cai Zhenhua said at the meeting of the Youth Olympic Games has been the end of the 7 day of the race, as of today Chinese sports delegation participated in the Youth Olympic Games in all 19 sports and 85 events, of which 64 events have ended. My delegation won 19 gold, 12 silver and 3 copper in 9 big and 11 sub events, which is the most gold medal and medals. China's team's wrestling, weightlifting, triathlon, fencing, rowing, taekwondo, badminton, trampoline, archery, swimming and tennis have been finished in 11 projects. During the seven days' competition of the Youth Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation as a whole played the level and ability, showing a good spirit and good sports performance. Cai Zhenhua said. later, Cai Zhenhua especially praised the performance of the Chinese swimming team. He said: the swimming team of 4 men and 4 women a total of 8 athletes participated in the 24 events, winning 11 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medals in the 7 events, in addition to the finals won the fourth to eighth place. The 8 players played well in the competition, all of them normally showed their best level. Some athletes also created their best results. Tang Yi won 6 gold medals, and Liu Lan won 5 gold medals. All 8 athletes won the gold medal of the Youth Olympic Games and became the first champion of the Youth Olympic Games. They successfully completed the Olympic Youth Olympic Games and completed the competition successfully. for other outstanding young athletes and team, Cai Zhenhua also affirmed: Women's weightlifting athletes Tian Yuan China delegation won the first gold, made a good start China team; women's epee Lin Sheng in the game brave, rely on confidence and courage to overcome the "tiger news July 12th and a lot of players in the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) recently set up his own non-profit organization AO1 Audience of One. "". According to Wentz said, the organization aims to provide help for people of all ages, especially the poor young people and soldiers. Wentz in 11 daily his twitter released a AO1 promotional video, their goal is to "deliver God's love to the poor people who need help to provide opportunities and support." is currently on the AO1 website Wentz sell Bible printed shoes, if you want to help the people to contribute their strength that can go to buy.

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