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today, Nike officially launched the fourth and last set of new shirts for the NBA league team this season, called the "city version". , as the name suggests, as a "replacement Jersey" that is occasionally used on special occasions, the design idea of "urban version" is to show the local characteristics of the team's city, such as tradition, customs, landscapes, history and so on. such as the warriors, the chest name changed to "The (Bay Bay)" logo appeared in the classical elements of Chinese, implying that the San Francisco area of Chinese culture. For example, Cavaliers team replaced James used to say "The Land" Jersey rib pattern from Cleveland local well-known sculpture, located in the Luoruien - Carnegie bridge transportation patron. such as the Celtics, the familiar fans can see that the design on the shirt comes from the famous splice floor in the garden hall. According to legend, "cardinal" Auerbach had the floor done feet, a few even is hollow, the ball down to the above fundamental play, played wonders in the last century "golden green showdown in 80s. is another example of the Rockets simply follows the acclaimed "CNY Lunar New Year" Jersey chest name Chinese use "rocket", just get rid of the short sleeved. in short, almos cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t "City Edition" team jerseys have significant difference with the conventional Jersey, this "Legend Series" only the Lakers "black mamba special edition", what it looks like did not particularly coarse, with little difference between their regular jerseys. yes, except the name, number, advertising and other several gold elements, set used almost all black jersey colors, completely different from the traditional the purple and gold two colors. But don't forget that the Lakers started wearing "Hollywood night" a few seasons ago. It was also a black shirt. earlier, Kobe had crossed like dark jerseys, but at that time the name of the chest curlicue design. in other words, the "black mamba special edition" the biggest characteristic of black - - not particularly. As for the hollow serpentine pattern in order to highlight the "Mamba" elements of the design, the design of "24" Waist Shorts (variant highlight LA words), shorts on both sides of the 16 stars represent the 16 champion, Kobe rookie jersey number with age 3D fonts and so on, all belong to the small details of icing on the cake. The visual design theme not this shirt. don't believe you, the entire team uniform is super simple, and it's hard to notice which elements are added to the conventional Jersey. My name is still the iconic Lakers, from spelling to font without any changes. Even this collar are followed - the traditional design, rather than this year Nike main push V word.though the New York giants are flat in the season, at least they saw great hopes in the Odell Beckham Odell. on Sunday against the Washington Redskins game, he finished 12 with 143 yards and catching 3 touchdowns. In addition because of his teammates holding, a long touchdown was canceled. Beckham has broken the record of the Jeremy Shockey giants. As a rookie year of , Beckham is most likely to win the best rookie attacking player of the year by winning 7 consecutive 90 yards or more than the Mike Evans of Tampa Bay pirates. The giants also with 3 touchdowns in Beckham's 24 to 13 victory over the redskins.cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) and security guard cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) for reimbursement, the Seahawks until finally a good news. Because of a hamstring problem two games safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) will be played Monday night game. Thomas was restricted to Thursday training, but both Friday and Saturday took part in full training. Protect front Luke - Joe Cole (Luke Joeckel) (knee) and line guard Michael - Ville Hoyt (Michael Wilhoite) (calf) can not fight. The cutting forward Donne - Brown (Duane Brown) and the defensive intercepting Jan Reed (Jarran Reed) are unable to determine the possibility of fighting. running Eddie, Addie Lacy (groin), quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) (Chin) and defensive end Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett) (heel) are expected to go to war.Notification and competition rules of national Bowling bowling tournament |2015 's notification on the 2015 national bowling elites 2014 national bowling elite competition rules 1, host and hosting unit: organizer: National Sports Administration Center for small ball games and of China Bowling Association contractors: Guangxi ball games management center, Liuzhou Sports Bureau and Liuzhou Bowling Association co organizer: Liuzhou dragon Huicheng bowling two, competition time and place: 2014 from November 8th to November 11th Liuzhou dragon Huicheng bowling alley (address: Liuzhou City, Guangxi autonomous region, the city district Guangxi Road No. 6 Building No. 1 Dragon Family B1 layer) three, competition project: men's elite competition, the women's elite competition. four, qualification: contestants must comply with the relevant provisions of the implementing rules for the bowling athletes to participate in the national competition qualification registration, and comply with the requirements of the regulations of the Chinese Bowling Association members, and have the individual membership of the Chinese Bowling Association. (1) a total of 24 men in the men's elite competition, composed of the following members, (1) the top 4 men's all-around performance of the National Youth Bowling Championships in 2015, (2) the top 4 of the National Men's Bowling Championships in the north in 2015, (3) the top 4 of the National Men's Bowling Championships in the southern part of the 2015 National Men's Bowling Championships, (4) the top 8 of the 2015 National Men's Bowling Championships finals, (5) contractor recommends a number of 4 (1) - (3) above, if a player gives up the competition, the number of the names is automatically delivered to item (4). The (two) women's elite competition consists of 24 participants, composed of the following members, (1) the top 4 women's total performance of the National Youth Bowling Championships in 2015, the top 4 (2) the top 16 of the 2015 National Women's Bowling Championships in the National Women's Bowling Championships

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