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The official website of NFL | Wilson since buy insurance for the 2015 season for | football for a number of later round show players, they need to wait for 4,5 years to prove their value. and now the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) has become one of them. Since 2012, the third round was chosen after the quarterback has won the super bowl is in pursuit of their contract with the Seahawks on has stagnated. 's latest news shows that Wilson bought an insurance for himself to deal with the 2015 season, just to cope with possible injuries and lead to a career termination. It's very common for professional players, just to secure the value of the loss. is currently Werwilson want to obtain a copy of the contract is $100 million, because the last few young quarterbacks such as Newton Kamm (Cam Nweton) and Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) are Taney to complete such a contract. according to the latest quarterback salary assessment, Wilson was ranked forty-fourth, and the quarterback around him were some of the more people you could not remember.The official website of NFL | Brown center Mark or at the end of next season after leaving | football Cleveland Brown, a professional bowl c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping enter, Arrakis Mark (Alex Mack) was asked in the local time Wednesday interview whether he would leave the team after the end of the 2015 season. Mark did not give a clear answer to this question. Mark and Brown are currently in a 5 - year contract, worth 42 million, and will have the right to jump out of the contract after the end of next season. Mark said: "I can't give the answer right now. I will make a decision after the end of the season." At that time, I'll think about it. Although Mark and Brown had 3 years left in their contract, Brown used to label them too much last season. Mark agreed with Jackson Jaguar during the last season. Brown finally chose to match the Jaguar's contract, which allowed the player's option in the Mark contract to be retained. in the first month of the draft, Brown in the nineteenth overall pick of the offensive players Cameron - Erwin striker (Cameron Erving), he can play multiple positions. Brown, this is regarded as to prevent Mark's departure in advance to make preparations. Mark said: I need to look at the performance of our new season. Last season we were at the bottom of the division. I wanted to win more games. It was important for me. No one likes to lose, no doubt.The official website of NFL | units: the Seahawks welcome victory to win both football | patriot saint Beijing time on August 16th, the 2014 season NFL season ended the contest, the following is a comprehensive report. San Diego: 41 Seattle Seahawks lightning 14: defending champion Seattle Seahawks last week lost Super Bowl rival Denver broncos, they bounce back this week. Rely on high level team to play, to 41:14 victory over the visiting Seattle San Diego lightning, ushered in the first victory of the new season. The main quarterback Russell Wilson feel good, he 13 to 11, 121 yards, and two touchdowns he run. Seahawks another two touchdowns, also by running back to complete. The defending champion shows his strong ground offensive ability. Philadelphia Eagle 35:42 new England patriot in the first game after the Patriots defeated, Aigo has also rebounded. They relied on three quarterback to play well and beat the visiting Philadelphia Eagle by 42:35. In this game, the three quarterback of the Patriots came into play and had a good play. Malet (Mallett) and Brady (Brady) sent a pass to each team. The rookie quarterback Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) did well. One sent two passes to the ball, but the success rate of passing in the 12 pass 6 still needs to be improved. The eagle team, the all star runaway Mccoy is not in a bad state, his 6 run to get 19 yards is really not in line with his true level. The Patriots showed a good defensive ability in this field. They cut the ball of the quarterback two times, which was the key to winning the game. Tennessee Titan 24:31 New Orleans saints was out of play with Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees), and the saints were still winning the team's stability. Jimmy Graham, who renewed his contract, once again showed his ability. He succeeded in catching 2 matches for the 5 time, which is the first hero to win the saints. In addition, the team's two substitutes for the quarterback were all good. Griffin 19 transmission 13, send out 179 yards and 2 array. McKoen is his 20 biography 12, not resigned to playing second fiddle, sent 117 yards and 2 touchdowns. It is sure that Bracey is satisfied with the performance of both of them. Detroit male lion 26:27 Oakland Raider The of the game, the lion has been a leader, but at the last minute by Raiders comeback. From the end of the game with 6 seconds, Raiders quarterback Mike Gorlin (McGloin) a 19 yard pass to find Butler (Butler) complete lore. This service, "for New York giant defensive core Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul), whether it can continue to play the role of giants next season, there is no clear conclusion yet. He will be a free player after the end of the season, and he says, "that's the fact. I can't guarantee anything for the future, maybe here, maybe not. " was the last year of the Pierre Paul rookie contract, and he was going to take a salary of $4 million 600 thousand. In the 9 games of the season, the 2010 first round finished 3.5 escapement and made 1 balls. "We need to continue to wait and see how the events will develop," says Pierre Paul. I've been here for 5 years, and I have experienced ups and downs. I love it, but we still need to face the reality at the end of the season. " if Pierre - Paul enters the free market, he is bound to attract a lot of teams. The 25 year old flush had taken 16.5 shots in the 2011 season. Although he has never been able to get back to this degree since then, he is still an important player that the quarterback can't ignore. Besides, Pierre Paul's history of injury will affect his future to some extent. He has had back surgery, and his shoulder injury has also affected his performance.

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