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NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | Oakland Raiders cut cloth | football quarterback Shao unexpectedly, the Oakland Raiders cut off the quarterback Matt Shao (Matt Schaub). Oakland Raiders last offseason sent a six round pick by Shao cloth, but the 33 year old veteran quarterback in before the start of the season to lose his starting position, rookie quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) to become the first. Shaw became more dispensable after the Raiders signed the quarterback Christian - Pound (Christian Ponder) last week. Pound and the other quarterback Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein (Matt McGloin) are competing for the position of the two quarterback behind Carle. The Raiders can make up $5 million 500 thousand in salary cap space after cutting off Shao cloth. the last pre-season in tendinitis is the result of poor performance by Carle and Shao cl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping oth from the starting position of one of the reasons. However, NFL's official website last offseason reported Shao cloth arm strength no longer have the strength of NFL. many veteran quarterback still have many opportunities to stay in the battle after a sharp decline in performance. If a young quarterback team needs a cheap veteran quarterback as a tutor, Shao can continue to play the role of this role. Otherwise, the veteran who has been in the League for 11 years can only retire.The official website of NFL, Saint Xiu Lan in the first round is expected to return in the next game of Kings football nest The New Orleans saints defensive team is likely to return to important members. coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) said Thursday that he believes that the first round of the show defensive tackle Sheldon rankins (Sheldon Rankins) to return sometime this week. will ensure him 100 per cent and be ready for the game, Payton said when asked what factors determine whether the rankins appearance. Frank suffered a fracture of the fibula in mid August, and he started training two weeks ago. He will be the saints to return to the injury reserve list in this season. in the rankins before the injury, the first round of this year's twelfth saints rookie have high expectations. He is an excellent defender and has an excellent ability to impact the quarterback protection network. his return is a huge addition to the second - penultimate defence of the saints in the league. The saints all made their opponents 397.4 yards, 10 shots and twenty-ninth in the league. regression and rankins cornerback Delvin Brooks (Delvin Breaux) growth should be able to help the saints bad defense. The progressive defense team could be able to return the saints back to the playoffs when the four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) continues to maintain a high level of performance. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Mustang reversed overtime wins the tigers, | football playoff spot Beijing time was in the early December 29th, and the last of the sixteenth weeks of NFL was an extremely critical game. Cincinnati tigers against the Denver broncos. Both sides played half a good ball, before the end of the regular time, the Mustang missed the chance of a free kick, and both sides entered the overtime at 17:17. In overtime, Mustang took the lead in scoring the free kick, then made the tigers' loss of the ball and took off the game. The score of the whole game is 20:17. In the first quarter of , the tigers quickly entered the state. In a round of more than 7 minutes of attack rounds, A.J.- Green (A.J. Green) received the 5 yards pass of A.J.- cullough (A.J. McCarron) to help the tiger win the lead. Then the Mustang attack failed, the end of the first quarter in advance in the tiger. The tiger 7:0 leads the wild horse. second game, tiger continued good condition, Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) - Thanou is directly connected to the center completed the kickoff 6 yards rushing touchdowns. Since then the tigers have lost a 45 - yard free kick. The wild horse won the first point until the end of the half. A 23 - yard free kick sets half the score in the 14:3. The tiger is in the lead. third games, after the rest of the adjustment, the wild horse at both ends of the attack and defense recovered. First, Bullock - Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) 8 yards of passing array to find Emanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders). The defensive team then forced the tigers to kick the kick again and again. At the end of the three, the tiger led the wild horse at 14:10. fourth games, soon after the start, the wild horse finally overtook the score. C.J.- Anderson (C.J. Anderson) kept escapement from the tigers and rushed out of a 39 - yard array. The wild horse is ahead of the tiger at 17:14. But the tigers levelled the score with a 52 - yard free kick. The game entered the key moment, but the Mustang made a mistake. Anderson had lost the ball at the half of the tigers. But the tiger has not been able to advance to the range of shooting, so it has to be abandoned. The wild horse has a chance to kill his opponent. Oswald vhailor continuous long pass success to help Mustang rapidly advancing shooting range. But Mustang's 45 - yard free kick at the end of the time was lost. The two sides entered a decisive battle! overtime, the wild horse first attack. A steady, resolve more than 3 offensive, into the tiger red zone. But only got a free kick of 37 yards. The game is still going on. The wild horse is the tiger at 20:17. 〉

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