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The NFL website will | Steelers Jia Kobe Jones relegated to substitute return hand | football Pittsburgh Steelers seems to have dropped back into the hands of Kobe Jia Jones (Jacoby Jones), the team in the local time on Tuesday announced the squad he banished in attack and as a substitute kickoff return 3 punt returner. Prior to this, people do not even know the punt returner can substitute No. 3. (Markus Wheaton) - Marcus Wheaton replaced Jones as the kickoff return and 2 punt returner and punt return team will still work by Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is responsible for. Coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said: I think our team has been explained the problem. Marcus is ready, and then let's see what he and Brown can do for us. played two times in the first half of the game with the Indianapolis pony last week. The Steelers originally signed him hope he can reproduce the league's top return hand performance, but the fact that Jones no longer have the courage. Previously he played for the San Diego lightning in the retrenched before him in 5 games to attack code is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping only -0.8 code.Cleveland Brown quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) was involved in a dispute on a golf tournament in Dezhou on Saturday, but there are conflicting reports about the details of the event. Manzel's agent told the media that the quarterback was harassed by a fan on Saturday. A ESPN reporter said Manzel's friend told him the fan tried to catch Manzel and said, "good luck, never start in the NFL." According to the broker, Manzel found the security and handled it properly, and that was why Manzel was talking to the police in the photo of the public. but another ESPN reporter on tweet said he could expect to cover the matter with the local media for one or two days. Although he did not provide details, it seemed that his twitter was implying things and not just what Manzel's agent said. The gossip media TMZ reported more details: Manzel "fling a fist with a man" and throwing a water bottle to his friend. Manzel didn't throw it in, and he made his goal laugh at him and said, "a beautiful throw, Jonny." A source told TMZ that Manzel's response to the mockery was to rush up to him, but to be pulled by the crowd. has a big difference between Manzel's agent and TMZ. Manzel has not yet responded to the matter.thinks every time he looks at the team's retirement of a player's Jersey. If the NBA Jersey is retired, will the newcomers have no numbers available? This is a problem that can happen, but it's just a matter of time. We can refer to the possibility and time problems of NBA's present Celts. The first method of is now used by some people, such as A De's 12 shirt, which is wearing the number on the request of the retired shirt. Of course, this is rare. second methods, the alliance created a new section. The number of mobile phone numbers in China, 189, 177, 166 and 199, has also come out in the last few years, which has greatly increased the number of mobile phones. Similarly, NBA may also launch 100 to 999 or even 1000-9999 of the number of segments, why not, not too besun?! Even exaggerate the imagination, A/B/C· · · Z can also be used as the shirt number. Third method , increased clearance. As we all know, No. 0 and 00 are different numbers, then can you increase the number, 01 to 09, or 011 to 099? Of course, this possibility is not second big and easy to confuse. which method do you decide best? read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the InternetWhy NFL's official website | Seahawks need to return Qiansile so? | football Seattle Seahawks star safety guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) since August has been in a state of a strike, and threatened that if wage demands are not met, refused to play the regular season. Usually, the final result is reached between the parties boycotted training salary agreement, eventually reconciled. But the Seahawks management has not any progress, but the Seahawks defensive is to return the money eisner. according to the new scoring system of occupation football website focused on money Eisner, the final season reached 88.6, ranked third in all safety. There are parts of the safetys anti union run very well, there are some safety cover in defence, and both can do the safety is one of the few, only Eric - Weddell (Eric Weddle), will Hill (Will Hill) and money Eisner three safeties in the anti run and cover two on the defensive the score is higher than 85. money Eisner last year at a distance of 8 yards off line array has 24 times to stop running prevention, safety in second. In eleventh to sixteenth weeks, he only allowed the other side to finish 4 times, lost only 18 yards, and two times to destroy the pass. In the bombing in the Legion, Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) and Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) has attracted the most attention, but in fact money Eisner is also a member of the Seahawks second indispensable. money Eisner usually relatively low-key, but when he misses his value reflects the very obvious, the Seahawks now can not even find a qualified successor, especially money Eisner last season - Johnson (Jeron Johnson bench genon) also went to washington. In the preseason opener, two schede (DeShawn Shead Qiang Wei DeShawn) and Steven Turrell (Steven Terrell) shared playing time, but the performance was below average.

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