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automatic playback switch auto play this season, "3B" is a combination of attack loading... Tencent sports news, what are the interesting things that have happened in the NFL alliance today? Let's take a look at it: Ben published remarks have been retired, the Steelers make for deployment of Pittsburgh Steelers fans this offseason is always on tenterhooks, because their quarterback Ben Rod Risberg seems to think of "home", this is not the start of training camp, in an interview with Ben again said he may retire during the 2017 season. is one of the important reasons for this age to retire, he said the average football players sport life in 3.5 years - 4 years, 35 year old Ben has played 14 years for Pittsburgh, especially in the last couple of years, injuries, since 2014 is not a complete season. He also specifically mentioned the 87% players recently done with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) survey, in order to stay away from a long-term injury to keep healthy so considering retirement. In the conversation, Big Ben has a hint of boredom. In addition there is a reason for this is outside the family, although he has been in the offseason with his family, but he is still not enough time to think "I love watching the children grow up, but the game will take you a lot of time." coach Mike Tomlin said Wallace face the problem out of my own prepared "we will begin to adjust the plan of the quarterback, training young people cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , this is a part of the commercial union, taking into account the huge endurance and style of play, in fact, we are not very anxious, no one can guarantee has been healthy, but we will try to protect him." There are currently two young Steelers quarterback array, respectively, Delhi - 13 years off the four round of this year Xiu Lan Jones and rookie Joshua - Dobbs. is one of the big offensive Trident Steelers indispensable, even his state will have a direct impact on leviant - Baer and Antonio - Brown to play the new season, the Steelers super bowl is still one of the hot side impact, they made a lot of efforts in this year, including strengthening the defense of their own, but it is the premise of have a healthy. wants salted fish to turn over and Brown's boss is full of confidence, is an attractive job for a NFL boss, but it's not a good thing to do. Jimmy Haslam, Cleveland Brown's boss, has been criticized for his bad record since he took over as his boss in August 2013. "This than I thought more difficult, I don't think I took over in 2 to 3 years will result, this difficult experience, you learn something more than simple experience, I feel like I said, to put the team in a better place. They can." Cleveland Brown's performance at this year's draft convention.Miami dolphins have already got the biggest player in the free market, defense Ndamm Ndamukong Suh. It also means that another defense, Jared Odd Rick (Jared Odrick), is no longer important to the team. NFL reporter broke the news on Monday. Odd Rick has agreed with a Jacksonville Jaguar on a 1 year contract worth about 7 million dollars. ollik ranked fourteenth in the "101 best free player" in the NFL official network, after which he had been linked with a number of teams. According to reports, the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Detroit lions have audric and have been in contact, but eventually the Jaguar deus ex grabbed the defensive players. 27 year old audric in the 2010 season with twenty-eighth rookie status in the league. He is both capable of defending the defensive end of the 3-4 defensive lineup, and is also able to act as a cut-off in the 4-3 defensive lineup. After joining the Jaguar, he will be in the defensive position. Although the signing will improve the overall level of the Jaguar defense front, the team still has not solved the problem of the lack of flushing hands. The Jaguar, which holds the number 3 sign, will strengthen the position in the draft.The official website of NFL and Doug, Malone became the new coach, the Jacksonville Jaguars football nest Jacksonville Jaguar doesn't need to extend the search scope of the next commander. They found the new manager on Monday by exploring the history of the team. According to , Doug Malone (Doug Marrone), who became Jaguar's temporary manager later this season, agreed to be the new manager of the team. The two sides are expected to sign a contract soon. The team also hired the team history first coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) to become the executive vice president of the team. They also renew their contract with the general manager, Dave - Caldwell (Dave Caldwell). All three contracts will continue into the 2019 season. The three steps of the Jaguar represent the team's interest in choosing the continuation of the previous coaching team and the manager who has been teaching the team. The quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) is also a good news, but it also let Malone and Devielle by card to quickly turn the pressure to lead the team. Malone's short-term contract may reflect this. Malone should be satisfied with Caldwell and the team's management because Malone has been in the Jaguar coaching team for 2 years, and they know him well. Malone has made 1 - 1 achievements as the team's temporary manager. It is reported that Malone's direction in the two games is an important reason for the team to decide to make him the boss. bottos should feel excited. It is reported that Malone bottos will become the team ace quarterback is he became one of the reasons of the new coach. Jaguar offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett (Nathaniel Hackett), who was at Syracuse University and Buffalo Bill as assistant teacher in Malone, is still expected to hold the position. this is Malone's second Chief Manager at NFL. He had been teaching in Bill for two seasons and got 15 to 17. But in the 2014 season after he can opt out beyond all expectations. The Jaguar lineup is not a lack of excellent players. In depth defense is very good, but if bottos can play well, the team of young players can also complete the best offensive attack. but the team has been able to win only 5 games in every season since 2011. Caldwell has 4 years to build a squad, and now he has a chance to hire second managers. Now it was Malone's turn to make bottos career flip, either team may be looking for a new coach next time. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The have the opportunity to choose Illinois native Corey - Davies (Corey Davis) of the Chicago bears this year to take big risks to the transaction, the first round of the No. two pick off quarterback Michel Truby Khodorkovsky (Mitchell Trubisky). When Davies dropped to fifth, he was picked up by Titan. But Illinois grew up one of Davies, he is the brother of Corey Titus Davies (Titus Davis). Titus signed with in the trial bears rookie camp. Unlike his little brother, his brother went to the league in 2015 and had been tossing in the lightning, jet and Bill, but never got a chance to play in the regular season. to make room for Davies to take over the position outside the Lefantai - Whitfield (Levonte Whitfield) by bears give up (waive).

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