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even-even soccer equipment network Chinese, Shanghai (May 18, 2017) - the world's leading sports brand PUMA to join the club of Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund), the continuation of "full of love" (Pure Emotion) released the 2017/18 season theme, New Jersey home court. The passion, perseverance, passion and joy of football are closely related to BVB players and their fans. The newly launched BVB stadium is designed to carry forward this feeling and further strengthen the relationship between the team and the fans.The official website of NFL | failed to win the main position let Malet disappointed | football local time Monday Houston Dezhou announced that Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) will become the new season regular season starting quarterback, also let this continued throughout the offseason the first battle temporarily come to an end. Suc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h a result would naturally make Ryan Mallett unhappy, and he did not conceal his discontent. Malet interviewed in the media on Tuesday morning. When he talked about it, he said, "obviously, I am disappointed in the result. I don't agree with the coach's decision, but I will always be ready to play. We had four quarterback first experience last year, so I would do my best to help the team. Malet also made it clear that he did not understand why Obrien coach Bill (Bill O Brien) will allow Heuer to become the first, he said: I always have the hard training and competition, I will not take this result as much frustration, I think my performance is good enough to win the first. Obrien explained that Malet didn't show much eye in two preseason games, nor did he show enough strength to defeat Heuer in training. He said: Malet was dissatisfied with the decision, but he still had to continue to work hard, not to get the start and to prepare for the game as he had been the first one.The official website of NFL | dolphin and Cameron Vick's contract until 2017 | football is good news for a person with Achilles tendon tear. It's good news that the team's contract extension is good. Cameron Wake has received good news from Miami dolphins. , the dolphin's defensive line player made a $2 2 year contract with dolphins on Saturday, which guarantees 10 million yuan worth, which ensures that Vic will spend 2017 seasons in dolphins. Vicker started in 7 games before the injury last season at 34, completed 7 escapement and 4 forced off the ball. His 7 seasons have spent 70 escapement in a total of the dolphins. team management said on the same day: we are very glad that we have completed the contract with Vick. He has set an example for us on the pitch and off the field, from the losers to the four professional bowl winner, we need to continue to contribute.Denver Broncos over the past few months have been telling anyone who will listen them in Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) and Bullock Aus Ville (retired Brock Osweiler) after leaving the team for quarterback is satisfied. Mark - Sanchez (Mark looks Sanchez) and Trevor (Trevor Siemian) - sago Ann will be the first to have a chance to compete first and last season in the offensive position under the condition of mediocre experience shows two Mustang Championship quarterback showed enough to lead the team to win. But that doesn't mean they won't miss Manning. In the interview with , Sylvester, Sylvester Williams, said that Manning not only used the performance on the field to lead us, but also said that the team would miss what he brought to as a leader. "I just think you can't replace a person like him," Williams said. "Because he is a strong man. You have to find other ways to bring that kind of energy to the locker room, because there will never be another Payton Manning in his locker room. Because, in my opinion, Payton is a hundred percent serious people, so when he talks, many people will be right and listen to it. It's unbelievable. " , no matter how confident the wild horse is for the performance of the quarterback on the pitch, it is foolish to expect anyone of them to have the same control over the locker room with Manning who has such a resume. There are many other veterans in the wild horse that can fill such a vacancy, and team power may have to play a role before the next leader.

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